Football Finals XUP

Are you a huge fan of European-style football and you can’t seem to get enough of your favorite sport? Do you also love online gaming and are a sucker for the latest release? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you need to check out the newly released online slots from Alchemy Games – Football Finals X UP.

This one is loaded with all the action sports fans look for, but in a way that can spell big wins for you. Let’s take a look at what makes Football Finals X UP a must-play, and why it stands out within the best online casinos in Canada.

Features That Grab Your Attention

When you first launch the game, you’ll be playing the base game, which does a great job of grabbing your attention. This one starts with a bang between the graphics, sounds, and visuals and instantly transports you to a crowded stadium.

Standout features in the base game include the expanding Wilds which are available on every wheel. Each time you land on a Wild, it will expand. Another notable feature is the advance up the X UP trail. This happens when you land on two scatters that can combine. You then move up the trail and get rewarded with 1 X UP token. Players can also collect free spin multipliers, which help to add to the winnings.

Exciting High Volatility Offering

The first thing worth pointing out is that this isn’t another high-volatility game that gets lost with the hundreds of other options. Instead, Alchemy Gaming provides players with something that feels slick, high-tech, high-octane, and unique in a category that can often seem crowded.

For those unfamiliar with Alchemy Gaming, it’s an independent development studio that is fairly young still, as it was only created in 2019. But don’t mistake its young age for inexperience, as the games it is pumping out are incredibly impressive.


What makes the developer stand out is the fact that they take a more scientific and data-driven approach to development, which then reflects in high-quality games. Some of the other games from the development studio include Bolt X Up, Africa X UP, Joker X Up, 10,000 Wishes, Aquanauts, Pick n Mix X Up, and Wheel of Wishes.

As for Football Finals X UP, it features five reels and 243 betways. It has an RTP of 96.33% and a hit frequency of 25.07%. There is a minimum bet of $0.30 and a maximum of $21. The maximum winnings are a staggering $1,050,000.00. So why not claim the 40 chances from Casino Classic and try your luck at becoming an instant millionaire!

Features & Bonuses Keep on Coming

Just in case you think that’s it for the special features, Football Finals X UP has a surprise for you: they keep on coming. There are 8 X UP free spins once you reach the 50x multiplier level, additional scatters, a feature buy, an upsizer, and even the ability to modify the features if you choose. There is nothing standard or basic about this game, which is why it has us taking a closer look.

This one is perfect for casual gaming since you can play quick short bursts, but it’s worth mentioning that because of all the features and bonuses, it also does a great job keeping players engaged for longer sessions. It comes down to what style of player you are.

So if you’re on the hunt for a fun new online slot game to check out, Football Finals X UP is the perfect option. Not only is it new and filled with high-tech fun features, but it’s great in terms of appealing to your inner football fan, just in time for the World Cup to get started.