Immortal Romance

A very popular theme among online slots is vampires. And while there are plenty to choose from, Immortal Romance manages to combine two popular themes so that the game feels different. Blending vampires with a sci-fi element, Immortal Romance was developed by Games Global in partnership with Microgaming.

Sure, the initial allure of vampire games may have faded a bit, but this one deserves to be on your radar. So, let’s peel back the layers and look into what makes Immortal Romance such a hit in the world of online casinos.

Statistics Just Different Enough to Stand Out

Before we even get to the cool factor of the game, it’s worth looking at the gaming stats. While you may be used to seeing high-volatility games, Immortal Romance is rated medium. That alone helps it to stand out. It has an RTP of 96.86% and a hit frequency of 31.21%, helping to push it into that medium volatility arena.

As for the way the grid is laid out, it’s the traditional five reels by three rows, giving players an impressive 243 pay lines. The minimum bet is $0.30 whereas the maximum is a rather surprising $60. It’s also worth noting that you can choose the coin values to customize your bet, as well as how many coins you bet for each of your active spins. Now factor in the maximum win of 12,000 times the stake, and suddenly Immortal Romance looks even more exciting.

How About Those Vampires

Before we go any further, the graphics and theme need a mention. Sure, there are vampires, but these aren’t your typical vampires. These are characters by the names of Troy, Sarah, Michael, and Amber. To take it one step further, even though this is just an online slot game, each of the characters has a unique backstory.

It’s not something that you come across often in slots, and it makes the game feel more purposeful. Both Troy and Michael are vampires, and Sara and Amber are the potential love interests, which is where the romance comes in.

Visually speaking, the entire grid is quite dark and ominous looking, which works for the theme. The Wild symbol is lit up in red, making it look like red blood dripping down the screen, and all the gaming stats have a very gothic look to them. All in all, it is exceptionally well-designed, working to bring the backstories together and keep players coming back for more. Captain Cooks Casino is our number one pick on where to play Immortal Romance.


Don’t Forget About the Special Features

No game review would be complete without also looking at the special features. As you may hope, or even expect, Immortal Romance has its share of fun special features designed to increase your odds of winning while adding to the excitement. The features include The Chamber of Spins which will trigger with the scatter symbol, Wild Desire which is triggered randomly during gameplay, rolling reels, multipliers, and plenty of opportunities for free spins.

The various characters also represent different numbers of free spins. During the Chamber of Spins, the character you land on will determine your “rewards”. Sarah pays the highest with 25 free spins and she triggers the Wild Vine feature. Michael is up next with 20 free spins and exciting rolling reels. Then we have Troy with 15 free spins and the unique Vampire Bats feature. Then we’ve got Amber who pays out with 10 free spins and a multiplier of five.

So, if you’re all about vampires and love a fun backstory and great graphics, then Immortal Romance should shoot right to the top of your must-play list. Go ahead and test your luck and stick around for the thrills.