Thunderstruck Stormchaser

With a name like Thunderstruck Stormchaser, it’s only natural you’d expect an online slot for action and excitement, and you wouldn’t be far off. Thunderstruck Stormchaser is a new release from Stormcraft Studios and Microgaming and is the fifth game in the series of Thunderstruck offerings which focuses on the God of Thunder himself – Thor. If you’ve never come across the previous installments, you’ll be thrilled to know that this one is just as exciting.

There is plenty to discuss with this game, including the backstory and characters involved – many of whom may sound familiar. So, let’s take a deeper look at why Thunderstruck Stormchaser is a slot you’ll want to check out.

A Series with a Long History

As mentioned, this is the fifth game in the Stormchaser series, each of which has delivered thrills and excitement to players. The series is coming up in almost 20 years, as the first game was released in 2004 across all the best online casinos. What keeps this series so fun is the fact that each new game delivers better graphics, a more intriguing backstory, and more exciting features. So, while it’s not being reinvented each time, it certainly feels fresh.

In Thunderstruck Stormchaser, Thor’s mission is very simple. He is on a quest to find his father’s spear – Gungnir – which is sacred and will give Thor the powers he needs to face foes while he sits on the throng of Asgard. But all is not simple, as he’s going to need to go head-to-head with Thyra, his rather unpredictable sister. She is often called the Goddess of Wildstorms, which plays perfectly into the game and its features.

Stats that Players Will Appreciate

Now that you’re familiar with the backstory and get a sense of where the game is going, let’s look at the statistics. These are what bring the game together and help make it a must-play. The game has an RTP of 94.01% and features a classic 5×4 layout.

This layout provides 1,024 pay lines and players have a minimum bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $25. The hit frequency is 20.3 which, combined with the other stats, makes the variance rating high. As for the maximum win, it’s 10,200 times the stake.

Nothing stands out too much with stats like this; instead, it will feel familiar and fun. You’ve got plenty of pay lines to potentially win with and a large spread in terms of the minimum to the maximum bet.

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Fun Special Features

If you think it’s all about the theme and the traditional stats with Thunderstruck Stormchaser, then you’d be wrong, as there are many special features thrown into the mix. There’s no question that special features and bonuses make any slot more exciting and from a player’s standpoint, it’s also how you improve your odds of winning big.

Notable special features in Thunderstruck Stormchaser include scatter symbols, stack, cascading wins, free spins, random reward, multiplier, free spin multiplier, multiway, wilds with multipliers, a bonus wheel, and more.

You need to be scanning the whole grid the entire time as you never know what you’re going to trigger on each spin. One symbol, in particular, is very helpful and that is the Thor Wild. This symbol acts as a paying symbol, so it can help you complete a win that pays out and is seen as a premium symbol.

If you find yourself always on the hunt for the latest and greatest online slots, Thunderstruck Stormchaser is well worth a play. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself instantly hooked and caught up in the backstory, as Thor tends to have that effect on players. So join Thor now and try your luck at becoming an instant millionaire at Luxury Casino!